UBC CLW login to lynda.com experiencing technical difficulties

UBC CLW login to lynda.com experiencing technical difficulties

The UBC CWL authentication for lynda.com is currently experiencing technical difficulties. UBC IT and the lynda.com support team are working to resolve the problem.  Please check back soon. Update: June 16, 2017: We have resolved the login problem. If you run into any errors when trying to access lynda.com via your UBC login, please contact […]

Getting Started

To get started with lynda.com, check out these two great courses: Learning with lynda.com How to use lynda.com

Learning with Lynda.com: Avoid the Pitfalls of Micromanagement

In Avoiding Micromanaging, you will uncover three common contributing factors to micromanagement and discover alternative ways to evaluate and delegate so your colleagues have more opportunities to learn and grow. (you will be prompted to login with your CWL. Click on the image above to view the video, and for future reference, bookmark your free […]

Learning with Lynda.com: Understanding Servant Leadership

When UBC’s new president Professor Santa Ono introduced himself to the UBC community, he emphasized his commitment as a servant leader who works on behalf of the entire UBC community. Helping others succeed and focusing on the people and communities within an organization are main attributes of servant leadership. Understand more about this leadership style, […]