If you run into any problems using the site, first check that you have the system requirements. If so, and the problem persists, contact directly.

Registration Process

If you are having problems logging in or signing up with your Campus Wide Login (CWL), contact the IT Service Centre.

Who can use at UBC?

All UBC employees (faculty, staff and student employees) with an active Campus Wide Login (CWL) have full access to the library of video tutorials. Students, contractors, and retirees are not covered under this license agreement.

Do I have to pay to access the on-demand digital courses?

No. You can access at no cost though our UBC group subscription sponsored by Human Resources while you are employed at the University. To continue using after you leave your employment with UBC, you would need to sign-up for your own personal subscription directly from or access the learning resources through another organization such as the Vancouver Public Library.

Do I need to be at a UBC computer workstation to access ?

No, you can use your CWL to login from any internet connected computer or mobile device. You can optimize your mobile experience by using the app or even download videos or entire courses for offline viewing. No UBC VPN set-up is required for your off-campus access to the learning resources.

I’m an instructor – can I use videos in my classes?

As an instructor, you can show courses or videos in your on-campus or face-to-face classes as long as the classes are not being recorded or shared out.

You will not be able to embed the videos in your online course space. You can create links but your students cannot access them unless they purchase a personal subscription.

If I’m having problems, how do I get help?

If you would like support using resources to meet your learning and development goals, please contact Susanna Mulligan, UBC Human Resources at

CWL assistance? Click on the provided links if you need instructions on how to set up your UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL) account or modify your existing CWL account to include your employee affiliation (required for access). has its own set of FAQs which is quite comprehensive. Please refer here for FAQs specific to apps.

If you can’t resolve your issue, you can contact the customer support team, 1-888-335-9632. Be sure to identify yourself as a “University of British Columbia Lynda Campus” user.